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A Christmas Message

We are gathered here to celebrate Christmas, not on Christ’s birthday, but in celebration of His first coming. We can truly say, even at this early time before Christmas, that “Christmas is in the air!”

The festive air of celebration and cheer fill our hearts with joy, just to think of it. To those who are alone in this life, they can still conjure the joy of the world when Christ came; and even now, over 2,000 years ago, as we hear carol bells twinkle and Christmas songs jingle coming from the smiles of happy tots in the streets merrily singing along with one another.

The “Belen” (Jesus in the manger), which Filipino Christians commemorate, was introduced by St. Francis of Assisi in his time. It became a traditional Catholic feature of Christmas because in the belen, the center of attraction is Jesus Christ, the newborn King. Let us take time to herald the birth of Jesus, whom we honor in our Christmas commemoration.

For all of us gathered together, may this Christmas celebration provide more inspirations to motivate us to be grateful to the Lord for having come and for God, in return, to shower us with gifts galore for our families, for our community and for our country, in Jesus’ name. We pray that the Lord will hurry up in carrying out His plans for the renewal of our country and the revival in the land. Hallelujah!

Have a Blessed Christmas and a Spirit-filled New Year!

With Love,

Bro Willy and Sis Luli Nakar



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