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(L-R) Upper Row: Dondi, PY | Bottom Row: Didi, Bro. Willy, Sis. Luli, Dondon


On September 28, 1980, Sis Luli Nakar received a spiritual revelation. The late Fr Pascual Adorable confirmed that it was, indeed, a vision from the Lord. Sis Luli saw herself walking along a highway where she heard a voice from across the sky. It roared like thunder, and yet was gentle, saying, “Go and spread the Good News.” As she looked behind her, she saw her husband, Bro Willy, walking about 10 feet from where she stood. He was followed by their four children: Didi, Dondi, PY and Dondon. It was a call for the family to follow and serve the Lord.

On February 14 of the following year, during a Life in the Spirit Seminar, both Bro Willy and Sis Luli got renewed in the Spirit and accepted Jesus Christ as their Savior and Lord. In September of the same year, the rest of the family attended the same seminar together with other relatives and friends. After this, they became actively involved in the Catholic Charismatic Renewal.


On August 10, 1999, Elim experienced a rebirth when a sovereign move of God touched community with the revival fire of the Holy Spirit. Bro Willy and Sis Luli discovered that this revival fire was making waves in the Catholic Church. Some members of the clergy have even referred to revival as the “renewal of the renewal.”


Revival then became the major thrust of community in reaching out to other members of the Body of Christ as well as to unbelievers. Suddenly, a rush of new life flooded every Elimite, as each experienced a renewed hunger for holiness, for prayer, God’s Word and the Sacraments. This new life also pervaded every aspect of community life — its Bible studies and prayer meetings, its ministries and conferences.

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